Steven Herbert

Local Honey Near Me

Local Honey Near Me

How can I find local honey near me?  I often see this and similar questions posed on community pages and I have several tips to help you track down jars of this golden flowery-wonderfulness.  I summarise below: 1. Roadside Local Honey Near Me; 2. Local Shops, Service Stations, Farm shops and Garden Centres; 3. Seek … Read more

Ridgeway Bees: bumblebees near White Horse Hill.

Ridgeway Bees

The reason for doing this small body of research is my hope that I will change your perspective.  Naturally, when we traverse the Ridgeway we enjoy the landscape, with its large skies and breathtaking views.  However, if we look closely at the overgrown no man’s land hugging each side of the Ridgeway path, we might … Read more